Austackle Krypto Shock Leader

Austackle Krypto Shock Leader


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Product Description

Dual Core technology for superior abrasion resistance, shock absorption and knot strength.

Krypto Shock Leader is a new generation shock leader line from Japan. It’s perfect for trolling up big game fish, or for making up traces and rigs for reef and/or estuary fishing.

Having undergone a unique softening process, Krypto Shock Leader is easy in the hand making tying knots very easy.

Dual Core technology gives Krytpo shock it’s superior abrasion resistance making cut-offs far less likely.

Additional Information

Line Length

50m, 100m

Line Rating

20lb (10.0kg), 30lb (15.0kg), 40lb (20.0kg), 50lb (25.0kg), 60lb (30.0kg), 80lb (40.0kg)


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