Nories Spoon Tail Live Roll

Nories Spoon Tail Live Roll


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Product Description

Nories Spoon Tail Live Roll is the upgraded version of Nories Spoon Tail Shad.

This “Live Roll” lure is all about giving a live tight rolling action to enhance its lifelike qualities and appeal to predatory fish.

The Spoon Tail Live Roll produces friction by a unique spoon tail design that gives a seductive high pitch shaking action. The lure has also been made with a tubular body and cavity that produces the ultimate balance and wobble. It works great on predators and gets timid fish to strike. Also features highly realistic colours. This soft bait can be fished with many different styles, including weightless and used as a sub-surface lure.

Additional Information

Lure Size

4in, 5in, 6in

Lure Colour

Albino Orange (st03), High Visibility Chartreuse (st05), Pink Ayu (st07), Silver Shad (st01)


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