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‘REEF’ All Rounder PVC Floatline (8.5mm) – 15m
The HUNTMASTER Reef Line is made using only the very best materials. Little brother to the Tuna Tamer, the Reef line is made up of a 1.8mm braided dyneema core with a breaking strain of close to 500kg. It also jacketed in an outer shell of 8.5mm durable and stretchy PVC. This is why we have given it the nickname ‘All Rounder’.

Breaking strain……. Watch this! LINK TO THE VIDEO OF A BREAKING STRAIN TEST (Coming Soon)!!!

The PVC Jacket:

The PVC Jacket serves 3 purposes:

Firstly, it floats as it is sealed airtight by the insertion of 2 unique custom-made plugs which are made using CNC as opposed to a mold like some cheaper and inferior floatlines.
Secondly, it acts as a protective barrier that prevents the dyneema core from getting cut or severed on reef and rocks.
Finally, the PVC stretches, meaning that when a large fish like a Spanish Mackerel or Kingfish puts your HUNTMASTER Reef Floatline to the test, it will take all the line and then start to either tow or pull the float under the surface. When this happens, the float line will stretch, to about half its length again. This action not only fatigues the target, but also prevents the spear from ripping out as there is always a constant pressure on the fish, which is also handy to keep the flopper toggled open at all times during a big run.
Unique High Viz Colours:

These Unique High Viz Colours can be mixed and matched with the Huntsman and Huntress wetsuits, rashguards, Harbinger camo masks, snorkels and Huntmaster floats.

Even the purple floats and floatlines can pair up nicely with the Blue Huntsman or Pink Huntress wetsuit, with slight shades of purple throughout the Harbinger Blue and Pink Camo!!!

These high Viz colors can also be crucial for safety, ensuring divers are seen by other boats and fellow divers.

The Speed Needle and Sharkclip Assembly:

All HUNTMASTER floatlines come standard with a marine grade 3.0 * 110mm stainless steel shark clip with swivel at one end to attach to your float and a speed needle to thread your catch on the other. As you swim along the fish will be swept up with your floatline towards your float where it can be towed along behind you. This method of holding onto your catch is much safer and more practical than a fish stringer on your person.

In Australia, the home of HUNTMASTER, this method is usually the only way to avoid conflict with sharks and seals that want a free feed. Towing them on your floatline won’t avoid the fish being taken, but it’s better to feel a tug on your floatline and know you’re being sharked than a tug at your waist.

Note: Please note that toothy critters like Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo and large Barracuda can cause tiny puncture holes in the thickest PVC tubing. For this reason, we recommend threading through the eyes or gills only and not in the gills and out the mouth. For any fish that don’t pose a risk of puncturing your floatline, thread the speed needle from behind, in the gills and out the mouth, this way they will tow smoothly through the water.

The Velcro Strap:

The HUNTMASTER Reef floatlines have an attached velcro strap on the floatline to use when coming on to a boat or storing away your line, reducing mess and tangles over time. This will improve the lifespan of the floatline.

Why do I need a floatline?

A floatline is the most important thing needed by a diver or spearo. A floatline ensures;

That you are seen by other boats and divers, helping to avoid accidents.
That the captain aboard your own boat knows where you are at all times and can watch over your dive.
That you do not lose your fish, or your gun, as your gun is attached to your floatline and float. Letting go of your gun is therefore not a problem. Even if your gun becomes stuck in a reef and there is a strong current, you can leave it and come back with your boat to pick it up.
That you have something to hold on to and pull yourself up from a dive if you become fatigued from swimming.
If a spearo does not have a strong floatline, there may be a chance of a strong fish like a Dog Tooth Tuna tearing your line on the reef, costing the spearo all their gear.

Key Product Features:

1.8mm braided Dyneema core with close to 500kg breaking strain
Protective 8.5mm PVC jacket with 50% stretch ratio
Custom CNC machined plugs
Speed needle and shark clip as standard
Handy velcro strap to store your floatline
Available in 5 high viz colours, Red, Green, Blaze (Orange), Purple and Pink (mix and match with our Harbinger camo series and floats).

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