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HUNTMASTER has incorporated true innovative technology for spearfishing floats. These tubeless floats are constructed with the strongest material on the market – 0.9mm PVC. This material is used for high end Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) such as marine rescue and police boats. These floats come in a range of high visibility colors.

With a tear capacity of over ‘450kgs’, the Abyss is built tough, because it needs to be! The Abyss float has 45kg of lift at 20m depth and can hold 3.0 Atmosphere, making it perfect for monsters of the abyss.

Why Abyss?

Used with the HUNTMASTER Tuna Tamer floatline and HUNTMASTER Abyss bungee, the Abyss will put the anchors on even the biggest fish.

If you look up the meaning of Abyss in the Cambridge dictionary, you’ll get 2 definitions;

a very deephole that seems to have no bottom
a difficult situation that brings trouble or destruction
When you’re looking into the depths of the ocean, into ‘a very deep hole that seems to have no bottom’ and you see a speck of silver, and you pray that this ‘difficult situation wont bring you trouble or destruction’, you better have the Abyss on your side.

Additional D rings:

The additional D Rings can be used to put extra hurt on the fish. By locking off the floatline to one of the front offset D rings the hydrodynamic design of the Abyss is totally negated. WATCH THIS VIDEO TO SEE HOW THE FLOAT ACTS UNDER THIS TYPE OF USE. Coming Soon

Unique High Viz Colours:

These unique high viz colours can be mixed and matched with the Huntsman and Huntress wetsuits, rashguards, Harbinger camo masks, snorkels and Huntmaster floatlines.

Even the purple floats and floatlines can pair up nicely with the Blue Huntsman or Pink Huntress wetsuit, with slight shades of purple throughout the Harbinger Blue and Pink Camo!!!

These high viz colors are crucial for safety, ensuring divers are seen by other boats and fellow divers.


HUNTMASTER has worked extensively with engineers and passionate spearos to provide the ultimate spearfishing float design. HUNTMASTER floats have been carefully crafted with the following design features;

All HUNTMASTER floats are made using 0.9mm PVC, making them puncture proof and abrasion resistant, protecting the float from damage from fish fins, spear tips, knives and other sharp objects.
Our floats are aerodynamically engineered and hand crafted, with an internal and external structural design that lessens drag in the water. This new technology ensures maximum comfort for the spearo, reducing exertion from dragging heavy floats and improving overall dive time.
Unlike other spearfishing floats, HUNTMASTER float designs are innovatively shaped. As demonstrated in the product image, our floats do not require additional lead weights to be added for the flag to remain upright.
Structural design and dimensions of HUNTMASTER ABYSS floats allow for ~ 45kgs* (100lbs) of lift ~ 20m depth. This is achieved by pressurizing the float up to 3 Atmospheres (ATM), (29 lbs PSI).
Our floats come in a variety of high visibility colors ensuring that you are seen by other boats and fellow divers, which is crucial for safety.
What’s included with my HUNTMASTER ‘Abyss’ float?

When you order a float from HUNTMASTER you can expect the following items to be included in your purchase;

3 heavy duty handles (2 side and 1 rear). HUNTMASTER handles are designed with strength and durability in mind, giving spearos the assurance that they won’t fail under extreme pressure when game fish take your spear gun and float.
5 thick, marine grade, large stainless D rings. Additional D rings provide the spearo with options in stopping fish.
Valve adaptor assembly, repair kit and wrench
For a limited time, the following accessories are included, free of charge, with all HUNTMASTER float purchases:

Heavy duty RIB hand pump valued at $79
High visibility flag and holder valued at $39
Dimensions: 1040mm x 550mm x 200mm

Specifications: 45 liters / buoyant force of 100lbs, (3 ATM, 29 lbs PSI)

Weight of float: 3.5kgs

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