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Huntsman 1.5mm Wetsuit:
Do you dive in the tropics? Planning to chase XL reefies or pelagic species? We understand that the warmth a 3.5mm suit offers is just too much for long days in the sun. So we’ve designed a 1.5mm diving suit that fits the needs of Spearfishing in warm tropical waters.

What goes into our innovative Huntsman 1.5mm Suit ?

Outer Fabric: Super stretch material made using a Spandex blend that results in class leading durability, comfort and performance.

Inner lining allows for easy putting on of the suit, no lubing up as with open cell type suits

Our Unique Camo Design (Harbinger):

“Be seen when you want, disappear when it counts!”

Stand out from the crowd on land yet disappear underwater with the ‘Huntsman’ multilayered and multi coloured camo design. Our various camo colours suit all habitats. Blaze for rocky structures, Blue for pelagic species in open water, Green for grassy and weedy habitats and then Red for the reef. Red is bright and visible on the surface and fades to an inconspicuous blend of grey and granite at depth.

Neoprene: Rest easy knowing that this eco-friendly material helps to save the oceans we love and live for. Made using limestone and not petroleum, the rubber chips are melted, aerated and then baked. These environmentally friendly materials have the lowest carbon footprint of any form of wetsuit on the planet. So no matter which of the Huntsman camo range you choose, you’re always wearing green.

Inner Material:

1.5mm: Stretch lining, which is a mixture of Nylon and Spandex
Torch pouch (Right Inner Sleeve): A truly innovative design for the Halo diving torches to be held in the handy torch pouch positioned on the right sleeve. This allows you to hold your gun while easily accessing your torch.

Key Product Features:

Top grade limestone neoprene, high performance with a low carbon footprint
Flat lock stitching on 1.5mm
Unique multi layered camo pattern printed on super stretchy spandex blend

Handy Torch pouch on the right inner sleeve, to fit the Halo diving torches
Handy travel mesh bag to store your suit, gloves and socks

Check our attached wetsuit chart to see which size fits best
Wetsuit Maintenance Tips:

After a dive, ensure you clean your suit with wetsuit shampoo that has low irritants and harmful chemicals that may destroy the neoprene. Avoid using normal shampoos and conditioners as they tend to eat away at the neoprene
After cleaning and hosing down the suit, make sure you store it in a dry and cool place away from any sunlight and hang it. Avoid storing it in a garage or shed where excessive temperatures and car smoke fumes can cause serious damage. (Do Not Fold your suit in storage as it may cause permanent creases)

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