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Roller performer speargun by Manny Sub – 7mm shaft – single rubber: Incredible performance, simplicity, functionality, made from the best light weight materials available is the best way to the describe the roller performer speargun.
The name says it all!!
The Roller performer speargun is designed to take your spearfishing to a whole new level.
Extra power, range, penetration, along with little recoil, better maneuverability and consistent accuracy are some of the best attributes to describe the Roller performer speargun.
Thanks to the roller design, 100% of the barrel length is used to propel the spear shaft combined with a shorter spear shaft compared to the rubber stretch and with pre tensioned rubbers a lot of extra power is generated.
Lack of penetration and limited shooting range will be a thing of the past.
The Roller performer 110cm has effective range of 6.3 metres / 21 feet
The power is in excess of conventional double rubber spearguns.
Thanks to the roller design you can now benefit of handling a much shorter and lighter speargun through the water that packs lots of punch with no recoil making the shot exceptionally smooth. Firing it is a real pleasure. This light and low profile barrel makes it ideal to hunt in strong current, rough conditions or with fast moving fish and most of all perfect for traveling.
The glass filled nylon European handle comes standard with a loading butt and an ergonomic right hand grip with a thumb rest offering a much more comfortable grip compared to a generic grip .
The reverse stainless mechanism gives the rubbers an extra 5cm stretch for extra power.
The white handle grip makes it easier to locate it underwater.
A spare universal white hand grip insert for left or right hand is also included.
A trigger sensitivity adjustment let’s adjust the trigger travel.
Comes with a stainless line release, trigger and cassette.
Thanks to the HD Carbon fibre barrel 2 mm thick, provides excellent rigidity and a light feel to the speargun. 100% carbon barrel with a built in track, available in 3 sizes (100-110-120cm)

The Manny Sub Roller performer speargun features a 100% carbon barrel with a built in track, available in 5 sizes (80-90-100-110-120cm) mounted with the roller power head
The carbon barrel comes is available in black glossy carbon fibre, black matte carbon fibre, red glossy carbon fibre, blue glossy carbon fibre.
This Roller performer speargun comes with a 7 mm, single flopper 17-4ph harden spring stainless shaft and 3 mini shark fins.
The back shark fin is welded further back near the flat back section of the shaft giving an extra 5 cm rubber stretch for extra power.
One of the shark fins is placed in the middle of the shaft to help during the loading process and to depower the roller system when shooting smaller fish near the bottom. Thanks to this feature, makes this roller speargun very versatile compared to other roller spearguns in the market.

The Manny Sub Roller performer speargun comes with rubbers 14 -16 or 18 mm rubbers to propel the 7 mm shaft out at very high speed. This speargun ideal for hunting reef species to pelagic species.
The speargun is rigged with two wraps of Manny sub dyneema shooting line made to reach large species often out of range with 16 & 18 mm rubbers.
An optional custom reel is available to suit the handle

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