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Aimrite’s railguns are built for strength and accuracy and years of trouble free service. Our philosophy is simple – “form follows function”. We strive to build the premier railgun in the world by using the very best materials available.

Our trigger which we believe to be the heart and soul of our gun is comprised entirely of 15-5 heat treated stainless steel and is over 10mm thick, it can withstand loads in excess of 500 kgs! Our barrels are the strongest in the industry which provides a gun that is both rigid and durable without feeling cumbersome to swim with.

Our guns utilise a “line-of-sight shooting concept” which takes advantage of the extended reach rear handle design and simple aiming. This combination of style and performance matched with Aimrite’s obsession to manufacture the most durable/effective components results in one of the most accurate railguns available, that is reliable without fault.

Aimrite Railguns incorporate a very unique feature which we call “Safety Assist”. This device is completely quiet and assists the diver with any accidental discharge of the weapon while in the water. It is a simple device that is actuated by squeezing your middle finger prior to taking a shot.

*NOTE* All Spearguns /railguns should be loaded and unloaded underwater. Never load a speargun/railgun out of the water and never point it in an unsafe direction. As with all mechanical devices it is incumbent upon the user to check his/her gear thoroughly prior to use to ensure it is operating correctly.

*PLEASE NOTE: Only Aimrite Shafts and shafts that have an elongated half moon shaped trigger notch with a rear diameter of 5 mm (.200”) may be used. i.e. (Rob Allen Style)

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